Something about the simplicity of it all leaves teddybear’s Nevermind overtly introspective. From that introspection comes the daunting task of creating not only one track, but an entire album rooted in the inward contemplation and emotional openness that has been present in each and every release working towards Bread & Butterflies thus far. But through what is with Nevermind, five concurrent lead-up singles, teddybear has truly succeeded in his march towards imminent albumhood in ways few artists today are capable of.


It takes the stirring songwriting ability that we’ve come to expect from Teddy and ticks it up a few turns, while in simultaneous harmony, friend and frequent producer Hudson Alexander turns down his overt contributions to the track with a minimalist beat. The result is a single where the heartbroken lyricism feels as though it’s really an evoking spoken word reading played over a subtle guitar where the listener can’t help but listen and relate to every single word. 

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