Vancouver's Teon Gibbs is Transcendent with Summery New Single, Feel

 Evan Dale // May 22, 2019 

Teon Gibbs - Feel.png

Vancouver transcendentalist, Teon Gibbs is the definition of indefinability in the post-genre era. A fervent lyricist with an innate ability to switch up his flow at the drop of a hat, a technical and unique vocalist capable of delivering emotionally-evoking choruses on his own tracks, and a permanently fluttering experimentalist of both lanes at once, the young artist is in the midst of his deserved breakout. On the heels of his 2018 debut project, These Are The Times, Teon has continued a paced release of music with four singles – three of which are sonically-diversified collaborative efforts.


His latest is Feel, a gentle, romantic, springtime single that folds in the talent of friends and frequent collaborators, Clive Fagan and Amber Bayani. The trifecta, who make up the same soundscape seen on Teon’s first post-project single, Sweet, unearth something unique, floating in the grey area between hip-hop, neo-soul, and R&B. 


A complex, layered effort from everyone in the credits, Feel sees lyrically-endowed rap verses seamlessly weaving in and out of a romantically in-touch choruses in duet. The result is a track as complex as it is sweet and palatable, priming all of our most romantic selves for warm weather and warmer emotion.