Terrace Martin Recruits Arin Ray & Elena Pinderhughes for Beige 

 Evan Dale // Dec 27, 2019 

Terrace Martin - Beige.jpg

It’s difficult to distinguish what it is about LA producer, Terrace Martin’s music that is so particularly timeless. Perhaps it’s the raw instrumentation, the jazz-rooted experimentalism, or the deceiving simplicity of it all. But regardless of what it is that draws his music to the ears of so many listeners across such a broad stylistic and generational audience, his knack at introducing that audience to something new is pretty much omnipresent. Whether he’s producing a hip-hop track, jazz, or soul; whether he’s folding in the collaborations of established veterans or new names, he does do with brash individuality, an understated cool, and an air of perfectionism. 


His latest collaborative single, Beige is a merging lane of many of those directions. Foundationally, it’s a jazz-rooted soul track with sprinkles of funky keys here and there. Collaboratively, it pulls in the established prolificity of Arin Ray with the little-known vocalism of Elena Pinderhughes. And in finality, Beige emerges as a track far more complex, layered, and experimental than it’s off-white titling would presume.