West Coast King of Composition, Terrace Martin Drops Angsty Funk Anthem, Lies 

 Evan Dale // Feb 17, 2020 

West Coast king of funk-founded hip-hop and soul, Terrace Martin is a legend infusing everything he touches with a special breed of synth-driven attitude that has survived largely unchanged for generations of artistry. He is a master of instrumentation, laying the framework for myriad artists to supply their vocals and raps to his production. But equally as interesting and influential is the music on which he works by himself. Case and point: Lies.


His newest single is the definition of complexity when it comes to layers of instrumentation and production that bleed together into one funky, angsty composition equal parts slappy bass, crystalline chimes, synthy melodies, and robotic mantra. Through and through, it’s an anthemic jam, just the latest in Martin’s string of experimental genius.