Torontonians, friends, and perennial collaborators Terrell Morris and Free N Losh, are back at it again with another damn hit. It seems that every time their previous track starts to lose its grasp on the lyrically-genius and production-perfect realm of the modern Canadian scene, they return with further proof that they do it better than anyone else. Something about the effortless yet thoughtful delivery of Morris coupled with the cleanliness and the crystalline engineering of Free N Losh results in a finished product that amplifies all of their skills, and results in something more natural and longer lasting than any other such conglomerate in the game.


Not to say there’s some extended library of production duos working with hip-hop or vocal artists, but for us, the Canadian trio has a repertoire on par if not exceeding Disclosure’s collaboration with Bishop Nehru and Dpat and Atu’s work with Brent Faiyaz as Sonder. And that alone should be reason enough to listen to their newest track, OAK.


The single comes as the first release since Pretty Life nine months ago and also comes as, in our opinion, the most impressive track in their combined canon. Perhaps it's due to the added influence by otherworldly production trio, BASECAMP. It exhibits a growth and further cohesion by all artists included, an amplified sense of attitude from Morris, and an expected, all-encompassing meditative vibe.


The only thing we could ever ask is for more music.