On the heels of our previous daily spotlight, Terrell Morris’ Oak, the up-and-coming Toronto artist blesses the world with his debut full project, Molasses.  It’s the much anticipated 9-song EP featuring, but in no way bowing down to, the four lead-up singles that have most recently introduced the globe to his poetic, silky, often-abrasive lyricism. Molasses­ – an apt release name for an artist with such a thick, grabbing delivery also displays his knack for switching up styles and marking tracks like Me 4 Prez and Levvi with his sugary vocal ability. Of course, on par with their long-time collaborative relationship, Free N Losh provide the entire cohesive structure of the album with their renowned audio engineering skills.


It’s an incredibly powerful and wide-ranging debut that weaves and bobs between feeling like a strict rap album and towing us into the emotional ride of something softer and sultrier. In true Canadian fashion. Terrell Morris and Molasses are hard to define and easy to listen to.