Sunshiny Tessellated Brings the Springtime Heat with Freeza

 Evan Dale // April 14, 2019 

Tessellated - Freeza.png

Jamaican artist of all things sunshiny, positivist, and danceable, Tessellated is as bright, mosaic, and myriad with his music as his name might suggest. You’ve likely heard Pine & Ginger – his bubbly breakout single that in no way was a fluke, but instead was a simple taste of all the vibes yet to come. Case and point: Freeza


Another collaborative effort; Another dancefloor anthem; Another good-vibes banger, Freeza is a prime example of Tessellated’s wide-ranging talent as the keystone to any of his club collaborations. Pulling into the frame star dancehall vocalist, Shanseea and quick-paced lyricist, Zac Jone$, Tesselated sets the stage for the two to do what they do best – and to do it in harmony with one another. The beat he delivers is able to slide behind the artists when necessary, allowing them to take center stage. But, throughout Freeza, at points when Zac Jone$ and Shanseea exit frame, Tessellated’s work shines on its own. 


As a talented vocalist and writer, Tesselated is completely able to deliver hits by himself (She Said is one of the most enjoyable and emotionally relatable tracks in recent memory), but with so many talented friends lining up to work with the young star on the rise, it’s no wonder that he continues to deliver anthemic, good-vibe anthems like Freeza that live up to his words from an interview with Red Bull:

“It is a good feeling to know that I inspire people of my generation and I hope to produce music that they can relate to as well as music that can inspire them especially in an era where not much positive music is offered to do just that.”