Reggae Transcendentalist, Tessellated Drops Dancefloor worthy 'Me & My Lady' 

 Evan Dale // Sep 30, 2020 

LA by way of Kingston, Tessellated’s aesthetic is one-of-a-kind. The producer, instrumentalist, and vocalist merges his many skillsets with his many stylistic backgrounds to create a blendaline sound that meanders and evolves from track to track depending on its mosaic ratio.


With his latest, Me & My Lady, his second of the year behind collaborative effort with Crayon, No Ansa, he builds a guitar & brass forward tale of romance for the dancefloor. Fit with a few of his signatures: a Caribbean affinity for a danceable beat, a love of jazz influence, and a calm, silky vocal delivery that understatedly drives the track, Me & My Lady emerges as another bubbly example of why Tessellated’s music is some of the more unique, genre-defying of our time.