The Code is an Animist R&B Machine with New Project Mercury

 Evan Dale // May 28, 2019 

The Code - Mercury.png

Anonymity suits The Code. The behind the curtain approach has come to seem kitsch for a lot of artists out there in the pseudo-electronic scene, but where dreamy undefinition finds its unnerving crossroads with a strenuously future aesthetic, The Code finds that its work sounds better without a face. Manufacturing a particular take on the emotional sample-sphere since 2015, The Code returns with its first project since last year’s ParamountMercury. A long and winding 6-track road, Mercury, defined by its description, ‘this must be what it feels like to be retrograde’, is best delineated as hyper-emotional animist R&B. 


Vocals throughout which may be assumed to be sourced from its creator itself, dot Mercury with its pseudo-personal connection. But, true to form, The Code isn’t quite relative to anything we’ve known before. The music is deeply experimental, bold, and modern without finding conformity or even comfort in its overarching direction. Yet, it’s vibrant, sensual, and nearly relatable across a slew of emotional spectrums from the dark and down to the high and illusive. 


If you find yourself with a half hour and a desire to experience something new, listen to Mercury in its entirety.