THEY. are Claiming Theirs with Hyper-Sexual New single, 'All Mine' 

 Evan Dale // Aug 10, 2020 

With one single a month through the summer, THEY. have begun building out an acoustically founded playlist, the Amanda Tape, merging their emotive and always evocative brand of R&B with the softer strums of a guitar. With at first Count Me In, and then in July, their collaborative single with Tinashe, Play Fight, they’ve worked their way towards their latest and raunchiest, All Mine, a stamp - for now - on the emergent acoustic collection.


The newest is an undeniable exploration of THEY.’s bread & butter where crystalline vocals belting hyper-sexualized penmanship merge with soft-edged acoustic production to produce a sound like no one else is capable or bold enough to attempt, with perhaps the exception of fellow dynamic R&B duo, dvsn.