The Oft Illusive THEY. Drop R&B Anthem, 'Count Me In' 

 Evan Dale // June 26, 2020 

The oft mysterious THEY. explore emotions with a grip of aptitude rare even in one of music’s most emotionally adept soundscapes. And the duo, consisting of Dante Jones and Andrew Neely, have been doing it since 2015. With waves of success coming from their own work, from collaborations, and from remixes, THEY. have quickly grown into one of R&B’s most formattable forces of futurist leanings without removing themselves from the emotionality so embedded in the vocalism of their lane’s work.


With newest single, Count Me In, they continue down a road of releases heading towards their first project since 2018 EP, Fireside which featured many of R&B’s most longstanding stars, and first album since 2017 debut, Nü Religion: HYENA. And akin to their other recent releases, Count Me In exhibits a depth of refinement embedding THEY. as one of R&B’s most important current artists.


Built on an acoustic foundation, a hypnotic cadence written full of harmonic poeticism pulls in any fan of popular or underground R&B. Much of their broad appeal comes to fruition in the track which succeeds in both its anthemic, lusty direction, and its more experimentally nuanced moments coming into productive play and penmanship. The result is a single making waves that hope to crash on the shore of a soon-come project – a project that will, if anything like Count Me In at a macro scale, be a momentous release for R&B and music at large.