Thundercat, Steve Lacy & Steve Arrington Collab for Timeless Funk Black Qualls 

 Evan Dale // Jan 18, 2020 

It’s rare that three legends get together on a single track. It’s even rarer when those three legends represent different stages in evolution of a cohesive lane. But with the release of Black Qualls, which folds in the prowess of famed funk drummer, Steve Arrington, the vocals and undeniable strum of Thundercat’s bass, and the future soul experimentation of Steve Lacy, exists an enigma. 


Black Qualls is expected in its slappy funk, its groovability, and its fun-loving nature. It’s unexpected in the seamlessness with which all three instrumentalists and vocalists work together. And it’s an all-around essential delivery for listeners and the greater direction of funk, soul, and their interconnected, evolving future.