New Thundercat EP, Fair Chance Recruits Long List of Collaborative Greats 

 Evan Dale // Mar 16, 2020 

Building on the foundation of his recent singles, Black Qualls & Dragonball Durag, Thundercat has added another track to the cut for a short EP titled Fair Chance. The trio of songs, though of course stemming from the expected pillar of instrumentally timeless Thundercat strumming, are equally driven by a long list of jealousy inducing featuring artists that all come together underneath their protagonist’s funky direction. 


Fair Chance opens up with its titular track – a solemn, understated ballad that folds in what would usually be juxtaposing forces in Ty Dolla $ign and Lil B, but given their transcendent skillsets and Thundercat’s lead, sound like a proper duet fit for a melancholy soul track. It’s followed by Black Qualls – a collaborative funky anthem the brings together three generational leaders in Steve Arrington, Steve Lacy, and Thundercat himself. Dragonball Durag finishes the project off with the kind of track – equal parts hilarious and endlessly creative – that the world loves in Thundercat’s unique auditory aesthetic. 


Altogether, Fair Chance is a three-pack EP with enough unique voices and wide-ranging creative genius to fill a twenty-track album that transcends half-a-dozen genres. But expectedly, Thundercat is able to balance the musical genius of it all with an accessibility that itself transcends the stylistic taste pof the myriad fanbase brought to such a wide-ranging collaborative project.