Happy-Go-Lucky Tobi Lou Needs a Hot Tub Time Machine in New Single 

 Evan Dale // Jan 29, 2020 

Chicago’s Tobi Lou has been one of the most prolific hip-hop artists over the course of the past couple years. Something about the combination of his positivist demeanor, his comical personality, and his electronically nuanced production leaves plenty of space for making plenty of music that covers plenty of bases. He’s a freak of nature when it comes to his release rate, but his stark relatability to the masses is what’s equally driving of his explosive popularity.


His latest track is Hot Tub Time Machine, and like so much of Tobi Lou’s music, it’s relatable emotionality rooted in a dusting of comedy. 


I need a hot tub time machine; then I could go back and fix everything //

Same old you but a different me; maybe we could be human beings.


Yet again, Tobi Lou succeeds in not taking himself too seriously, while releasing music for those that maybe do. An angst-ridden comic for a new era of hip-hop, and Hot Tub Time Machine is another example of his daring arthouse creativity.