Tobi Lou is on a roll and at this point, the whole damn world should know about it. From the February release of short project, tobi lou and the Moon, to the explosive reach of Troop featuring Smino, to the success of recent single, Darlin’, to yesterday’s tobi lou and the Loop, it’s hard to pinpoint where the cartoon sphere bubble rapper is headed next, but three things are for certain – the next step will be bold, it will be big, and its title will likely include a word with two o’s.


Any young artist putting out such a consistent stream of new music is bound to hit a speedbump or two, but as of now, the Chicago rapper is yet to misstep, and the most recent release, tobi lou and the Loop is his strongest to date. Holding true to the light-hearted and bouncy production that we’ve all come to know and love since last year’s breakout hit, Game Ova, the maturation of his lyricism and songwriting capabilities in combination with a steadily relatable sphere of explorative thematics have set him up to become one of the most influential young artists on the continually hot Chicago hip-hop scene. 


The entirety of the project boasts a feeling of continuity that’s especially strong in a world defined more by short tracks and an ADHD bunny shuffling of styles and approaches. But its refreshing identity goes deeper than that. Its sound – Tobi Lou’s sound – is a much-welcomed antidote to the increasingly negative, grimy, and low-fidelity spectrum of hip-hop’s current mainstream focus. And though sometimes taken lightly due to its frankly light-hearted nature, the future of the positive activists and the lovably relatable is bright in hip-hop, particularly as the influence of mellow pop comes to align the styling with a different mainstream perspective.


Long story short, listen to tobi lou and the Loop– in fact listen to all of Tobi Lou’s canon – go for a stroll through your local park, and unwind in the warm, welcoming creative sphere that his imagination has begun to adorn over all of music.