It's Tobi Lou's Party, and He Can Cry If He Wants to

 Evan Dale // July 12, 2019 

tobi Lou - My Party.png

It’s a rare change of pace for Chicago’s bubbly lovechild, Tobi Lou to take the downtempo, melancholy path, but his newest single, My Party, is a juxtaposition to its name’s initial provocation, and more an ode to Lesly Gore’s I’ll Cry If I want To. And truthfully, the experimentation suits Tobi Lou well – it always has. A fervent pioneer of the positivist, fun-loving bubble rap lane, Tobi Lou’s signature sound is much more mainstream than it was when he started off years ago. And that’s why My Party feels so especially well-timed.


Still brimming with hilarious punchlines and electronic nuances, My Party isn’t a deviation from Tobi Lou’s signature poise and confidence, simply a deviation from what was beginning to feel too much like a formula. For the young star in the making, such unexpected deliveries do his range well and will only guide him towards an even larger global audience. 


Definitely a vibe.