Anytime Smino is a part of new music coming out, you might as well get on board with it because it’s going to be amazing, but when it’s Chicago arthouse rapper, Tobi Lou bringing Smino in as a feature, there are bound to be fireworks. The two artists are both magical in their own ways. Tobi Lou is a budding vocalist, a blossoming lyricist, and one rose of a producer, but where he really shines is by simply being a creative genius. His music sounds like the work of nobody else, and his videos are some of the most creative and dynamic exhibits of self-expression currently breaking ground in the entire world of music. Smino is one of the most intriguing, unique enigmas in all of hip-hop, soul, R&B, funk, or any of the other classifications that his sound is able to chameleon its way into, and his 2017 album, blckswn, is arguably the finest full-length project in recent memory.


Needless to say, their new track and video, Troop, is a work of off-kilter, creatively distinct gusto that is sure to get stuck in your head on stuck on repeat until the two decide to race us with more.