Tobi Lou Gets Wet & Wild with new Single & Video, Waterboy

 Evan Dale // June 16, 2019 

Tobi Lou - Waterboy.png

Like some kind of bubbly antithesis to fellow Chicago rapper, Mick Kenkins’ Water, Tobi Lou’s latest single and video, Waterboy is a friendly reminder that the summer months are always better spent poolside, that confidence and positivity make for the best swimsuit, and that water guns are better than, well… guns. The track itself is a carefully curated pun on the idea of wanting to “drip like this” while the video itself dives into the deep end seeing Tobi Lou pouring water for the local all-female swim club, dancing around in a wet suit, and giving his all at synchronized swimming.


Akin to what we’ve come to expect from the explosive Chicago up-and-comer, Tobi Lou merges his impeccable lyricism, laid-back aesthetic, and unavoidable senses of humor and positivity to leave his second single of the year an anthemic summer jam and another classic to his canon.