Artistic, bubbly rapper Tobi Lou is back with even more new music after a prolific 2017 that saw the release of 10 singles. The Chicago artist just dropped a new 3-track EP titled Tobi lou and the Moon, and it exists in the same cartoon-aesthetic creative sphere that we’ve come to expect from his music, videos, and persona.


Unlike a lot of artists that seem to stumble with the fun-loving, innocent 90’s-inspired bubble rap, it just seems natural to Tobi Lou. With each new track he releases, and with his new project in particular, Tobi Lou seems less like an artsy persona, and more… Tobi Lou. The new project is better defined than his previous work and has a unique sound impossible not to vibe with. He has certainly whittled out his own corner of the hip-hop spectrum, and to be honest, it’s a direction we hope that other talented artists experiment in. Unfortunately for them, they’re not Tobi Lou, and juts by the nature of that very statement, they may not have what it takes to exist in the same realm while also remaining consistent and real. 

Check it out here: