Tourist Takes Us Down the Sonic Rabbit Hole with Bunny

 Evan Dale // July 20, 2019 

Tourist - Bunny.png

In a continuing reinvention of self, long-established producer, Tourist is having a 2019 worth discussing. His first album since 2016, Everyday has been one of the most eye-opening compositional displays of the year, and just a few months later he’s back with a particularly floaty single. Bunny is an homage to the Dreamwave era from where his roots sprouted. Three-and-a-half minutes of effervescent echoes, calming keystrokes, and simple house drum kits tell an interpretative story that would fit well into an explorative jungle scene from Avatar or a late-night summer hike. But where it might fit in best, and particularly relatable to its name, is in the dream world of Alice in Wonderland.


Bunny is peak electronic ambient in its knack for evoking vivacity and imagination down the rabbit hole.