Tourist Releases Ambient, Emotional Single, Kin

 Evan Dale // Oct 13, 2019 

Tourist - Kin.jpg

Atmosphere and emotionality seem to coalesce easily inside the soundscape of experimental producer, Tourist. Not far removed from the release of his 2019 album, Everyday, he returns with immersive, floaty single, Kin. The track, bursting with a ghostly vocal sample and deep house production is a five-minute moment, bringing a listener to a place as near or far from their introspection as they’re searching for.


Tourist has been a master of acoustic escape since he first blessed the Dreamwave scene in the early 2010’s and with almost a decade of continuous refinement and evolution under his musical belt, everything he’s putting out in 2019 is every bit as influential and important as was his early work.


In its exemplary exceptionality, Kin is no exception.