Travis Scott & Kid Cudi Embrace Social Distance | Fortnite Premiere | THE SCOTTS 

 Evan Dale // April 24, 2020 

With a collaboration that blurs generational, stylistic, and emotional lines, Travis Scott and Kid Cudi aren’t necessarily a surprise. Having long run in similar Good Music circles and having worked together in the past – Through the Late Night from Travis Scott’s 2016 Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight – the two perennial hip-hop icons seemingly always experimenting wildly with where to take their sounds and subsequently the direction of hip-hop at large, are a fluid fit. Both driven by off-beat, off-key grey area rap-sung approaches, and both fond of particularly futurist, heavily produced beats, THE SCOTTS comes together as a single that could have come from any moment of either artists’ long-established careers. 


But, aiming more at the younger generations with its official drop happening first as part of a animated concert on Fortnite, Travis Scott and Kid Cudi are unsurprisingly anthemic, atmospheric, and otherworldly with THE SCOTTS