Treasure & Modern Nomad Team Up for Much Need Mellow Introspection, 'Déjà Vu' 

 Evan Dale // June 4, 2020 

We need moments to escape into introspective peace under any societal circumstances. And with all the intensity and severity of the global community’s current state, those bits of delicate amity – preferably removed from media presence and turned inward or at least to moments of meditation outdoors – are especially important to find. With that need for balance in focus, it couldn’t be a better moment from new music from UK mellow experimentalist, Treasure.


Déjà Vu comes to the world in a moment of need. Just as we need anthems to protest to, we need ballads to reset and decompress, and with the collaboration of Baltimore soul child, Modern Nomad, Déjà Vu is exactly that. A carefully curated foundation of chords, drumkits, and the coalescing melody between the two artists results in a track form fitting to the subtlety of introspection and love – a much needed antithesis to the waves of emotion and public outcry currently defining so many of our days and nights.