The UK's Treasure Explores Expectedly Silky indie Soul with 'So Tired' 

 Evan Dale // July 11, 2020 

Triangulated between watery keys, mellow chords, and a silky vocal register, there’s something insatiably Summery about Treasure’s sound. The UK transcendentalist, who sources from myriad stylistic pools, has built his latest single on a foundation similar to the one on which he constructed early 2020 EP, Suffocation & Air. Its title is So Tired, and though that frame of mind may well have defined its creative origin and all of our lives under the weight of society’s many current struggles, the track also breathes of sunshiny days balanced with the romance of cool warm-weather nights, granting listeners a much needed sonic escape from it all.


From where Treasure evokes that Summery spectrum of emotions is the same place from which his addition to any track likewise takes on an intangible warmth and a flood of passion. Poetically navigating his silky, understated vocals atop an instrumental composition that breathes of indie experimentation, Treasure once again delivers an introspective anthem equally fitting for Summertime memories made with loved ones. His range transcends both music and situational application, drawing in listeners from all over music’s stylistic spectrum.