Today in Mellow Hip-Hop: Trey Graves and Introspective head talk 

 Evan Dale // May 20, 2019 

Trey Graves - head talk.png

Today in mellow hip-hop comes Trey Graves: a dream weaving artist of trippy vibes and undertone aesthetic that in 2018 delivered one of the most interesting and incomparable projects, drft. His latest single, head talk is more of what’s hard to describe. A spacey, low-fidelity, piano-splashed beat lays the foundation for the underrated poeticism of Trey Graves to dive in and out of the production without ever skipping the chance to drop vibrant lines. More than a minute of non-stop, colorful lyricism defines the entirety of the track’s center, bookended on each side by the playful exhibitions cisco swanky and a repeatable mantra from Graves.


In result, head talk is fitting of its title, feeling almost brutally introspective and primed for rainy Spring days.