Milky Wayv's Trey Graves Re-Emerges with Mellow, Summery 'X.' 

 Evan Dale // Aug 12, 2020 

Stylistically diverse Memphis alt artist, Trey Graves has been making aesthetically soft music for a few years. And since the release of his 2018 project, drft. he has slowly dropped a few of his own singles while continuing to defy the boundaries of genre at every turn. Newest to his canon is X. and it yet again inadheres with stylistic branding, while aligning instead to emotional texture.


The mellow pop-oriented Summer anthem is a carefully curated exploration of velvety, echoey vocals overtop the strums of a beachy guitar and the benign presence of a steady drum kick. And more than anything, it derives its relatability from its thematic discourse – letting go of an ex – for which the single is named not in negative emotion, but simply for the necessity of moving on.