R&B Vocalist TYuS Surprises with Unexpectedly Low-Fi EP, Undressed

 Evan Dale // July 3, 2019 

TYuS - Undressed EP.jpg

Blue-energy vocalist, TYuS is one of the more prolific creators in the R&B sphere, having released a torrent of projects and singles concurrently since 2016 debut album, Never Forget. But his latest EP, Undressed feels altogether different than the majority of his canon. Where his past is brimming with vocal runs that have garnered him a lot of unwanted comparisons to PartyNextDoor and heavy overproduction has left him confined to the high-fidelity spheres native to Toronto and Brooklyn, the Portland vocalist is heading in a more timeless and telling direction. Undressed is experimental by his standards, seeing his vocals shining bright without much backing production. Even amongst the more high-fidelity tracks – Sexy Time, Run2Me – TyuS feels comfortable allowing his delivery to stand as the central focus of it all, and the juxtaposition between his delivery and wavering, experimental foundations is bright, bold, and exciting for fans of a TYuS future removed even further from his past cup filled with comparisons.