Belgian Soulstress UNIS is Refined Silk with Sophomore single, Mind

 Evan Dale // Oct 15, 2019 

UNIS - Mind.png

Belgian soulstress, UNIS is not a name we knew a couple days ago. But, now that we do, it’s a name we won’t forget. Her electronically-nuanced single, Mind is stuck on ours and for good reason. Triangulated by a subdued, silky vocal delivery, a catchy display of songwriting ability, and funky electronic production riding a particularly grabbing bassline, Mind is as catchy as they come. If anything else stands out in the track, it’s just how professional and experimental Mind succeeds in being texturally. For an artist so new and with such a small following, it seems as though UNIS already has a good grasp on her stylistic approach to modern R&B. And that’s a great thing because her approach is bound for much, much more notice in the near future.