London's Vb & Danzey Team Up for New Wave EP Less Is More 

 Evan Dale // April 3, 2019 

Less Is More.jpg

Emerging London hip-hop collective, Zone17, spearheaded by multi-talented artists Vb and Danzey, are here with a new collaborative RP, Less Is More. From production to delivery and cadence, the project lives up to its name, highlighted by minimalist, experimental takes on classic UK hip-hop and trap. Vb and Danzey weave in and out of floaty vocal runs and spoon-fed yet lyrically complex rap, always doing so overtop beats by the duo’s design that allow a full showcase of their unique aesthetics. 


In result, the project runs through its 16 minutes subdued, meditative, thought-provoking, and bold. Less Is More, from start to finish doesn’t sound like anything else coming out of London or the UK for that matter. And that’s a good thing. Contrasting the fast-pace, brutalist take on rap and grime that the scene has long been famous for grants Vb and Danzey a certain originality, and does so in, through the artists’ steady hands, a modern way only achievable with a confident stranglehold on their direction.