Here are two names we haven't heard in a while : Casey Veggies and Wiz Khalifa. It shouldn't come as a surprise that Veggies should re-emerge amidst the West Coast explosion in recent months, and it's even less surprising that Wiz be featured in some track with a 4/20 release date, but Show Off is a welcomed surprise nonetheless. 


It's not just the names missing in action that caught us off guard, it's the energy and the ferocity that both artists bring to the track. There is something about its sound that reminds us of a time not so long ago when both artists, thanks to a more consistent stream of releases and general presence in the hip-hop scene, played much more influential roles. And Show Off in particular is a throw-back hip-hop record, revolved solely around the posturing and flexing that its namesake would denote. 


But don't let its classic subject matter and delivery throw you off. Show Off is an absolute heater that exhibits both lyricists' very much still alive - in fact, thriving - ability to drop quality bars, hooks, and overall vibes. 


Don't let the time between releases throw you off either. Nothing is ever truly lost in art and music, and with the display put on throughout Show Off's marathon entirety, it would seem that both Veggies and Wiz still have what it takes to reassume their positions atop the hip-hop spectrum. They've simply been taking their time, and we as fans, should apply more patience if it yields releases such as this.