Vibeout Recruits Some of Nashville's Finest for Stylistically Fluid 'Cocoa Butter' 

 Evan Dale // May 25, 2020 

The collaborative cloth is strong in Nashville, even amidst a global quarantine. Most affirmed in the cultural sphere revolving around the city’s underground hip-hop and Neo-Soul scenes, Nashville is a hotbed for music and art, like nowhere else. Yet another example of the kind of collaborative obsession that’s woven into Nashville’s cultural web, Vibeout joins forces with Malik Jvon, Sann-Man & Berto for funk-strewn hip-hop & soul record, Cocoa Butter.


Through three verses and a chorus, the collaborative bunch make Cocoa Butter a stylistically fluid single, merging the lanes of mellow rap and soulful R&B into a finished product perfect for anyone and everyone’s Springtime romances.


The juxtaposing, yet coalescing aesthetics of each artist involved is where Cocoa Butter’s true genius lies. Giving and taking throughout, each artist stands out in their own compositional sect – Malik Jvon with a poetic, meditative opening verse; Berto with a calm and silky chorus; Sann-Man with an exuberant string of emcee punchlines; Vibeout with a closing transcendent soul-hop stanza – without doing anything but adding to the sound of everyone else involved. A proper and equal collaborative single, from a city that seems to be guaranteeing exactly that with each new release.