Nashville's Vibeout. Follows up Sleeper Hit, 'Cocoa Butter' with Equally Standout Visuals 

 Evan Dale // July 29, 2020 

There are many angles to any creative scene. Many stories to be told. And one of those lesser told from Nashville is that of Cocoa Butter. The single dropped back in April from an underground source called Vibeout. As it quickly became one of our go-to Summer anthems, the reasons for its sunshiny demeanor also made themselves apparent. The track is grass roots in its musicality and in its humble romantic direction. It’s a casual story of love and lust that anyone listening can relate to. And now that it also has a music video to accompany it, those sentiments are stronger than ever.


A squad of four seamlessly tethering together profound verses and an addicting hook, what is perhaps most impressive about Cocoa Butter is its level of professionalism from a largely undiscovered crew. And yet, what makes the visuals for the single also so impressive, is that they highlight the underground simplicity, yet creatively intangible field harvested from where the seeds were planted. Keep an eye out for more from everyone involved, and as always, from the larger Nashville scene.