Seattle’s Dave B Brings his Melodic Flow to the Remix of Waldo’s ‘God Nem’ 

 Evan Dale // Jan 12, 2020 

Waldo - God Nem Remix.jpg

Lyrically focused, Grand Rapids rapper, Waldo is a beam of penmanship. Last year, amidst also releasing solo album, Be Ever Wonderful, he collaborated with local producer, Savon and Seattle-based, Sango for the release of joint project, Grove. The low-fidelity electro-hip-hop production left ample room for Waldo to dive into his storytelling ability for forty minutes, emerging as one of the most underrated projects to come out in 2019. It’s another example of established DJ’s working with vocalists and lyricists for something new, experimental, and necessary – a wave we’re lucky enough to be experiencing. 


And in the spirit of collaboration and further Grand Rapids – Seattle teamwork, a remix taken from Grove’s standout, God Nem also folds in the unmistakable delivery of Seattle hip-hop artist and vocalist, Dave B. 


The God Nem remix rides the original production and keeps intact Waldo’s opening verse, but the melodic, pitched addition from Dave B. acts as a differentiating yet complimentary cut to a track that was already collaboratively wide-ranging and bold. 


Keep an ear out for Dave B’s melodic breakdown around the 2-minute mark for a glimpse into the range that makes him such an indefinable, underrated force of transcendent hip-hop today.