Tennessee Trio, Wednesdays Make a Statement with Volatile Right Now 

 Evan Dale // Feb 28, 2020 

From our friends in the heart of the underrated hip-hop mecca that is Nashville, Tennessee comes experimental, low-fidelity anthem, Right Now. Wednesdays is their name, and they’re comprised of Kaby, Lul Lion, and JosephFiend. To say that they’re deserving of more recognition would be an understatement, but to assume anything but recognition is coming their way would be simple short sidedness. The three – as musicians and visual storytellers are tested and brimming with the confident, boundary-pushing talent expected from the Nashville underground.


The track itself is a hit – as easy-going and melody-driven as it is effortlessly hard-hitting. And compiled with its accompanying set of visuals, Right Now paints a perfected, creative trio ready for much, much more in the near future.