Anyone Who Told you that WizTheMc was just a Rapper 'Lied' 

 Evan Dale // Aug 15, 2020 

Fit with an effortless coalescence between a mellow knack for rapping and an emotive vocal register that all accompany an affinity for beachy guitar strum foundations, WizTheMc is becoming a generational symbol of stylistic transcendence. With his newest single, Lied, he summons the heat of the summer months for an emotionally downtrodden, yet texturally upbeat warm-weather anthem exploring the tumultuous unending of a relationship entangled in lies. And per its angsty thematic discourse, Wiz rightfully takes some risks in exploring his more vocally led spectral edges which explode into alt-rock rawness at the zenith of the single’s many choral runs, evoking reminiscence of pop-adjacent rock hits of the early 2000’s merging with his blooming lane as an indefinable rap-rooted artist always doing more.


This sort of something new for WizTheMc feels naturally pulled from his bag of tricks, where influence in his past and the makings of the more recent beginning to his limelight career allow him to explore beyond the edges of where one might expect given work from him in the past. More so, for his rapidly expanding fan base, Lied is a fluid exploration of his most mellow, melodic spectrum, where hits like For A Minute and myriad inclusions from early 2020 album, Growing Teeth (Fear of Heights, The One) have taken him before.


A master of merging lanes and evoking emotional reminiscence at his many crossroads, WizTheMc is a force whose musical range – as on display in Lied – is the absolute truth.