WizTheMc Drops Off Melodic Patience Towards New Mixtape 

 Evan Dale // Jan 21, 2020 

Young but not new, WizTheMc is a 20-year-old melodically transcendent artist whose indescribable range varies just as much as his roots. Undoubtedly, the two traits are interconnected. Siting his time spent in South Africa and Toronto as key and instrumental, his heart and his most creative foundation currently reside in Germany. An absolute smattering of music released in 2019, and already a trio of singles this year have granted him the kind of canon most artists don’t acquire until much later in life. But, his experience, beginning with his first stabs at music half-a-decade ago, make him a figure whose release rate is uncorrelated with age. 


His latest is Patience and is another single en route to the release of Growing Teeth: a mixtape expected on January 31. Built on beachy guitar strums and WizTheMc’s signature wavy, relaxed delivery, Patience is not only a laid-back anthem, it’s an all-encompassing exhibition of his talent – instrumentation, production, penmanship, rapping, and vocalism – that also has a lot to teach about the importance of its title at large. 


Keep an ear out for the ever-prolific artist as he works his way towards mixtape and even bigger happenings from there.