Belgian Neo-Soul Duo, YellowStraps Shine with New EP, Goldress 

 Evan Dale // Feb 11, 2020 

If you’re not hip to the underground Belgian scene, now is a good time to get acquainted. A surprising number of artists are pulling their way from the floorboards, bringing with them an affinity for electronically nuanced production and confidence in their raw vocalism. The latest to do so are YellowStraps, a duo whose sound can best be described as mellow dreamwave keys merging lanes with the finesse of imperfect vocalism and emotive songwriting. The outcome is a pair of brothers on their way to being as key to their emerging scene as Isley are to funk. A number of EP’s have dotted the landscape of their sparse half-decade canon of releases, but Goldress is indisputably their most complete to date. 


The eight-track project is bold, jammy, instrumentally founded, and altogether experimental without losing the easy-listening edge that defines their work foremost. It’s 30 minutes of mellow, yet undeniably emotional future soul that would probably find its way into the heavy rotation of anyone listening whether they be fans of the silk in Motown era simplicity, the danceability in KAYTRANADA’s house take on hip-hop and R&B, or lust for a London-centric Neo-soul scene that continues to change the way we listen to modern vocalists.  


So, no matter your preferred lane, check out YellowStraps, turn on Goldress, and enjoy half-an-hour of experimental, easy-listening, Neo-Soul bliss.