YellowStraps Roll Onward Towards New Project with Mellow 'Si Tu Savais' 

 Evan Dale // Sep 3, 2020 

YellowStraps march onwards. The Belgian duo who explore the range of their own conglomerate musicianship hand-in-hand with a vast mosaic of featuring names, are working towards their quarantine rooted Yellockdown Project on which myriad guests have found creative break from the rhythm of coronavirus born monotony. Through the change of pace to work with such a creative duo, these guests alongside YellowStraps are making some of the most intriguing, instrumentally rooted experimentalism in modern music. And latest in a string of single releases is Si Tu Savais.


The single folds in the tune of Belgian wordsmith, Swing. Expectedly low-key per the mellow mood usually accompanying YellowStraps, Si Tu Savais is also directed by the energy brought into frame by Swing’s raps. And the finished product is a groovy, funk-laden hip-hop track riding an instrumentally broad, atmospheric wave. Chill in all the right places.