YellowStraps March Towards Project Release with Upbeat, Summery 'Something' 

 Evan Dale // Aug 26, 2020 

Still emerging, the Yellockdown Project has been a shining shimmer during the World’s greater darkness at this hour. From the unparalleled YellowStraps - a Belgian duo in constant instrumental and productive process of setting the foundation for a number of featuring acts to join their journey towards sunshiny musical bliss – comes the latest single attached to the larger work: Something.


Featuring fellow Belgians, DVTCH NORRIS & blackwave, the single is Something anthemic and addicting, encapsulating the mystère of summertime rooftops with friends and the quest for Summertime flings. Riding a subtle, beachy guitar backdrop, both featuring vocalists and rappers help to define a new direction for YellowStraps more attached to an experimental look at Neo-Soul and hip-hop’s futurist merging.


Looking towards the eventual release of the Yellockdown Project, it’s sure to be incredibly wide-ranging, taken afar in all directions by the features involved; tethered akin by the soothing instrumentals and calming nuances of YellowStraps and their timeless aesthetic.