Belgian Bedroom Soul Duo YellowStraps are too Timely with First of 'Yellockdown' 

 Evan Dale // April 6, 2020 

Belgian duo, Yellowstraps are the raw definition of where soul and bedroom pop have coalesced into a sort of mellow sphere, so relaxed and yet so brimming with emotion that it’s hard to know whether to drink white wine on the roof during sunset or drown sorrows in red wine in front of the fire. Thankfully for all of us, no matter the current emotional confusion quarantine has you in, you’re at home. And thankfully further, Yellowstraps are outfitting a new project fitted to and by the boundaries of international lockdown.


Yellockdown is taking form – so far two tracks deep – as just the kind of mellow, melancholy Neo-Bedroom aesthetic this moment in history calls for. Between Time – a calming acoustic soulflower featuring Jae Luna, and Raison– a more psychedelically founded keyboard riff with a French verse from Primero, the direction thus far is inspiring of more to come. After all, lockdown is just getting started.