YGTUT isn’t Afraid to Attack the Counterfeit with New Single, Bootleggers 

 Evan Dale // Feb 21, 2020 

Chattanooga rapper, YGTUT is a king of intensity and energy, pushing forth the boundaries of Southern hip-hop with the grit, honesty, and swagger that has long defined Tennessee at large. At the beginning of 2019, he released long awaited, I.O.U. ­– his follow-up project to celebrated 2015 debut, Preacher’s Son. And though he’s been relatively quiet since I.O.U.’s drop – only putting out an A-Side / B-Side kind of release with LIGHT$ OFF & NOTICE – his return to the limelight is both worth the wait and rightfully braggadocios. 


Bootleggers is a statement and legitimacy in the rap game, and few can make a case that they carry more weight than YGTUT. Armed with a deep register, an effortless knack at turning spoon-fed flow into vicious, high-speed lyricism, and an indefinable sort of demeanor that calls for nothing but respect, YGTUT is a beast and he knows it.


‘Brainstorm. I’m about to go airborne. You lookin’ at a guy in rare form. The shit I’m spittin’, I should prolly get the chair for.’­


Rightfully confident with his opening statements, Bootleggers only amps it up from there. Listen up.