It’s no secret to anyone that Chattanooga hip-hop is on a damn roll. With a smattering of talent and exposure that has only escalated with Isaiah Rashad’s rise to global stardom, the tracks have been laid and now it’s full steam ahead. And with the constant release of singles and projects by the Chattanooga elite, it seems that the brakes are out of commission and there’s no slowing down in sight.


One of the most recent, and one of the most hypnotically addicting tracks to come out of the rising Southern hip-hop capital is YGTUT’s Keep It Cool. A consistent and powerful figure on the scene, YGTUT has been releasing music for years and seems to only improve and grow with each new step. Keep It Cool is no exception to the pattern and has been a perpetual standby of our listening habits for the past three weeks.


Any hip-hop fan will find something to their liking in the track thanks to YGTUT’s signature effortless flow, keen sense of lyricism, and the airtight production by way of TIGGI. It’s simply a damn good track by a damn good artist, so give it a listen.