Chattanooga’s YGTUT Shines with LIGHT$ OFF

 Evan Dale // Oct 2, 2019 

YGTUT - Lights Off.jpg

YGTUT – Chattanooga, Tennessee’s low-register, high-energy hip-hop leader – has been on a limelight sabbatical since releasing much acclaimed EP, IOU at the beginning of the year. But now he’s back with anthemic new single, Light$ Off. A SoundCloud only release that’s sparked by an anthemic hook and a meditative cadence signature to YGTUT’s clever, spoon-fed delivery, Light$ Off comes undeniably catchy symbolic of one of two things. It’s either a brief but firm single release to quench his fanbase’s need for more from the up-and-coming Southern star, or it’s a sign of more to come soon from an artist that – his most recent gap aside – has been nothing short of prolific and omni present – key in the construct of a new Southern hip-hop soundscape. 


In either circumstance, one thing is clear – YGTUT continues to refine his sound with Light$ Off, becoming a standout leader in a young generation of Tennessee hip-hop talent hellbent on reclaiming the crown for the South. All hail King Tut.