YGTUT Puts Hip-Hop on Notice with Second Single of the Month

 Evan Dale // Oct 22, 2019 

YGTUT - Notice.png

With his second single release of the month, Chattanooga, Tennessee hype lord, YGTUT is putting the hip-hop world on notice that something larger is in the works. Notice is the kind of high-energy, high-intensity, hi-fi hip-hop anthem that has always soundtracked the rises of rap’s elite Southern class. And King TUT – as a proponent of a modern take on the most classic of Tennessee sounds – may very well reign supreme as the most promising of his peers. An impossibly deep register and an understated knack at weaving intricate penmanship into the fold of his bass-heavy production make his auditory aesthetic one particularly adept at highlighting any situation where the energy need be sourced from the airwaves. 


So, whether you find yourself at a party, at the club, or just in need of something a little extra, put yourself on Notice with YGTUT’s latest delivery.   


‘Bout to run it up’