YGTUT's New EP, $ave It is the Perfect Project to Close Out Summer 

 Evan Dale // Aug 22, 2018 

We’ve dedicated a lot of published space to the promise and continued success of the Chattanooga hip-hop scene and through it all, one of the most consistent and exciting names that continues to come forward with innovative and head-bobbing tracks is the unparalleled YGTUT. Most recently, his meditative approach has been manifested in one of the coolest and calmest EP’s to call home to the modern Southern soundscape. Though only four tracks deep, Save It is as expectedly vivacious as it is unexpectedly dynamic. That’s not a shot to YGTUT’s range, but rather a nod to the difficulty of exhibiting that range through just four tracks. 


But the Chattanooga wordsmith, producer, and apparent vocalist shines throughout. Lyrically, he continues to grow and improve, existing already as one of the most underrated writers in all of hip-hop. Stylistically, his personal sound is one of the most unique and addictive in the game, and displays itself across a wide range – sometimes slowing it down with a more relaxed delivery (Just Ridin’), sometimes blending soothing vocals into the fold (Do What I Do), and sometimes showing his praise for the tradition of Southern hip-hop in tracks like Trust & Believe – a modern, anthemic take on the chopped & skrewed renditions of Chattanooga’s long storybook. 


As the warm weather starts to wind down, YGTUT’s summery styling and bold approach finds itself at home musically and seasonally with Save It. As usual, we can’t wait to see what comes out of Chattanooga next. 

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