SWAYYVO & YGTUT Link Up for Pissed Off Protest Anthem, 'Sayin Sumthin' 

 Evan Dale // June 2, 2020 

In a Chattanooga collaboration that moves far beyond the walls of their city, and into the stratosphere of hip-hop and soul’s eternal space for necessary social statement, SWAYYVO & YGTUT are doing more than Sayin Sumthin with a single born from the fire of recent protests and a centuries-long struggle for civil liberties. The two collaborate for words and meaning first, but can’t help to instill the track with a vibrant exhibition of the myriad culture they’re Sayin Sumthin for. For SWAYYVO’s part, the production of the track is strong in its minimalist texture, granting the stage for YGTUT to both croon and rap his way to an emotionally powerful anthem for the early stages of what is legitimately unfolding as a new chapter in the fight for civil rights.


Together the two make great music; together the black community continues to utilize the culture they created to spur great change. So, bump Sayin Sumthin, and let it give you the courage to say something of your own.