Conner Youngblood Returns with Trio of Cheyenne Follow-Ups

 Evan Dale // April 29, 2019 

Conner Youngblood - Pink Lemonade.png

Conner Youngblood is and has always been an enigma. A perennial collaborative partner on the come-up of Skizzy Mars, an inventive force of post-genre poeticism, and an often-MIA acoustic artist of gentle ideologies and peace, any new offering by way of his current creative space is always a necessary listen. With his latest collection, a trio of alternative editions to follow up his 2018 album, Cheyenne, Youngblood channels the most dream-nuanced of his aesthetic, delineating a space as ambient and wavy as it is inventive and new even when compared to each track’s original cuts. 


An acoustic take on Los Angeles turns what was a sample-strewn, instrumental-heavy experiment into something more fitting of his low-key vocals. An alternative version of Yellowknife introduces low-fidelity mellow pop-reminiscent production that coheres more closely to the direction of the Youngblood’s delivery. And Pink Lemonade – which is not necessarily a remake of Lemonade – instead comes to be its positivist antithesis. Uplifting keystrokes and youthful drums compliment and make space for Youngblood’s mellow vocals and heartwarming hums. 


With an artist as rare, unique, and unexpected as Youngblood, we never know when it is that we’ll get more from him, which makes this release even more special.