Trizz Continues Breakneck Stream of Growth with Newest, The Attic

 Evan Dale // Jul 25, 2018 

Golden State artist, Trizz is just that – an artist whose traditionally lyrical approach places him in special company against a modern scene where penmanship is becoming less of a rapper’s prerequisite and more of a rare and alternative talent. And if any other description need be applied to his creative sphere, it’s workhorse. With a consistent line of releases, a streaming session within his canon likely yields never-before-heard tracks and projects, the newest of which is The Attic.


The 10-song album exhibits exactly what it is about Trizz’s approach that makes it so uniquely entertaining. It’s not only that he has a one-of-a-kind delivery, a knack for displaying his sense of humor, and obvious bars, but that with such quick quantities of his musicality hitting the public sphere, his listeners get taken along for the ride of his growth and stylistic experimentation. 


The Attic is a relatively dark, vibe-strewn take on his prior exploits, bubbling over with hard-hitting production and harder-hitting punchlines.