Starpower Production Duo DJDS Team Up with R&B Wunderkind, Dijon

 Evan Dale // June 15, 2019 

Dijon - Magic Loop.png

Masterful production duo of all things emotionally immersive and experimentally vibrant, DJDS have made a career of laying the playful foundations for some of modern music’s most transcendent names. Wisely for both parties involved, their latest collaboration is with independent acoustic R&B experimentalist, Dijon whose early 2019 project, Sci Fi 1 has been one of the most unique and influential works of the year.


Together, Dijon and DJDS released Magic Loop, a bold middle ground of their very differing auditory aesthetics that pull Dijon’s traditionally darker experimentation into a poppier lane, while granting DJDS perhaps the most challenging work with a vocalist to date. The result is a bubbly, emotionally intense two-and-a-half minutes that keep the hardcore fanbases of each at bay while granting them something altogether new in the process.