An Immersive Narrative Series Taking the Reader on a Journey Culminating in the Ultimate Live Performance 

Rexx Life Raj brings a funk and an energy hard to even explain, let alone replicate. Delineated by high-energy cool that finds itself somewhere in the grey area between hip-hop and R&B, his music attracts a wide range of audiences and brings with it a love for good music and good times. So, we head to a debut festival under the name of his latest project, ‘California Poppy’ and make the most of our time with a new Dream Venue experience. 

Skepta is and always has been the elite international name in grime. But elite doesn’t only apply to his place in the music scene, it also applies to his energy, his style, and his subsequent air of mystery and class. For that, there would be no better way to enjoy his performance than in the comfort of his very spacious London crib bought strictly for the purpose of tearing it down with bass. 

The slow patterns of Aftertheparty’s music detail emotionally-detached melancholy and sensuality on a sliding scale. Dark, melodic, and unmistakably tryptic, his music invites a sense of uneasiness fitting of a brothel-inspired color way and the comfort of an old Eastern opium den. Come with us as we navigate dark alleys, darker cocktails, and the darkest of introspection with this week’s Dream Venue. 

The music of Matisyahu is largely indefinable, yet his music defines many of our key adolescent experiences and memories of spiritual awakenings driven by music. A fierce point of connection for our circle of friends nearly a decade ago, we hopped in our cars and fought through a blizzard to see a Youth-era Matisyahu live in Denver .

Southern California is a strange place filled with strange people, but the environment is often conducive to the most memorable of experiences. For this week’s Dream Venue, we enjoy its splendor to the fullest and top it off with a beachfront show with Anderson .Paak.

Sobriety is relative, but oftentimes the indefinable elements present at a live show place the entire audience on an equal plane of vibes and emotion. That sort of symbiosis is possible only when under  the watchful supervision and control of a master of the sonic landscape. For that, we head underground to a show in Paris with FKJ for this week's Dream Venue. 

For us, a Nick Hakim show would require a certain simplistic, honest, and sepia-tint kind of energy often overlooked in the modern sphere of over-the-top live performances. Like his music, an air of respectable nostalgia and appreciation for the intricacies of the everyday and the ordinary would seep its way into the very environment, the very fashion of the entire experience. 

There is a certain indefinable ability that lies at the core of music’s influence - its power to so drastically effect emotion and mood. And no artist is perhaps better at expressing, embracing, and evoking genuine positive emotion than Passion Pit. Come with us as their music leads us on an emotional upswing towards a brightened day.

Mack Wilds has long been a proponent and a supreme storyteller of the New York love story, so, influenced by his work and driven by the titling of his 2017 album, AfterHours, we head to New York for a love story of sorts, winding up at a Tribeca theater for a show featuring Wilds himself. 

In honor of The Weeknd unearthing a stroke of genius we haven't heard in years with the release of My Dear Melancholy, we thought it would be the perfect time to take you on a Dream Venue journey to the rooftop of Drai's Night Club in Las Vegas where, just before the release of Beauty Behind The Madness, we saw him perform one of the best shows we've ever seen. 

Slow Magic’s music is bubbling over with an energy and warmth reminiscent of childhood memories, and his live concerts bring to life the simplistic nature and creatively curious dreamworld that his sound has successfully molded. A collection of lost and lonely souls come together as childhood friends under the charm of their collective imaginary friend, and that’s just the environment we drunkenly stumble upon in this week’s Dream Venue. 

A certain level of balance is required to collaborate smoothly with any artist, but a strong sense of balance is what all Australian artists, including Emerson Leif & Golden Vessel, seem to have. Born of the intricate relationships between the old and the new, the vibrant and the pastel, and the natural and the man-made, we find the Australian balance in an art gallery in Gold Coast. 

In many ways, music acts as a kind of therapy in all of our daily lives. And as for the artists themselves, there isn’t one more trusting in his role as a relationship counselor, than the smooth, soulful, and romantic JMSN. Come with us on a night of heartbreak and recovery with a Dream Venue driven by the lyrics of JMSN’s 2017 album, Whatever Makes U Happy. 

The world of music was forever changed when Jai Paul’s unfinished project was uploaded to BandCamp without his permission. The event would come to change the world of music for the better and for the worse at the cost of the career of one of history’s most intriguing artists. Come with us as we head to an underground listening party the night before it all went down. 

SiR brought us on an interstellar journey with his last album, November, and rightfully so - his music is out of this world. With heart-melting vocal prowess, exceptional production, and storytelling ability worthy of us TDE signing, we thought it would be only fitting to take our readers on a SiR inspired journey into the great unknown for this week’s Dream Venue.

Night Lovell’s music sounds something out of the underworld. It’s dark, mysterious, grimy, and yet, tantalizingly addicting. He has the sound that a lot of low-fi, grungy rappers are going for these days, but no one seems to pull it off quite like him. He’s unapologetically unique and uniquely talented, leaving him worthy of an insanely high-energy, remote, and mysterious venue. Come with us as we head North of Toronto and into the woods in this week’s Dream Venue.

The long list of talented artists calling Detroit home would put most other cities to shame. It’s an environment that through all of the good, all of the bad, and all of the cold, artists come to produce a unique sound that echoes pride and individuality. and through all the great artists and all the great venues, we couldn’t think of a better show than Dwele pumping out soothing vocals at the Fillmore.

With a silky, smooth voice, a range like Marvin, and a knack for bouncy production, Jvck James is primed for stardom. His music is fitting of a lot of situations, but few places seem more fitting for a live  event than the warmth, mystery, and romance of the Amalfi Coast. Come with us for this week’s Dream Venue.

PARTYNEXTDOOR is perhaps the artist I want to see live more than any other, and the main reason behind it is because there was a time not so long ago when I had the chance to do so, but instead of seeing it through, I got so fucked up that I couldn’t go. Come on two different recounts of that night, as we choose our own adventure in this week’s Dream Venue

Atlanta rap duo, EARTHGANG, delivers their music with powerful lyricism, high energy, and a flavor truly of the south. Their imperfect, controversial, grassroots approach is what draws their fan base from far and wide. In celebration of their reach across spectrums of different people and places, we seek out a venue that is sure to bring an audience together in Richmond, VA.

Krisy just might boast the smoothest and most fluid flow of any modern artist. Perhaps it’s thanks to his Belgian heritage, perhaps it’s because he delivers his music in la langue de l’amour, or perhaps it’s just because he’s that damn buttery. Whatever the reason, a performance of his deserves a sexy backdrop and that’s why we’re headed to Paris for this week’s Dream Venue. 

Alxndr London seems to be both a fan and a proponent of a truly bizarre and unique corner of experimental electronic and R&B music. Like the ringmaster to his own twisted carnival, he explores a sound and a persona like nothing we’ve ever heard or seen. Come with us on an unnerving trip to a secret Hong Kong show for this week’s Dream venue.

Dom Kennedy has been the consistent, groovy, easy-going voice of the West Coast for more than a decade, and has never failed in his continued effort to release jam after sunshine filled jam, encapsulating the vibes of Southern California in his music. Join us at the ultimate California Dream Venue with the ultimate California artist.

Kid Cudi has always been one of our favorite artists and influences, and is also one of the biggest influences on modern hip-hop music. His music makes me think of simpler times, and his natural and honest nature is worthy of a vibe claiming the same attributes. Come with us on a road trip to a Cleveland Dream Venue with Kid Cudi. 

Sabrina Claudio is one of the biggest new talents not just to appear on the R&B scene, but in music as a whole. The 21-year-old Miami native has the vocal talent of a top-tier artist that could sell out stadiums and also has the unique sound making her perfect for a comfortable, intimate setting. Come with us on a journey to the dream venue with Sabrina Claudio.

Mattafix was one of the biggest names on the UK music scene just a decade ago and can be credited for their experimental electronic and hip-hop fusion that has become so commonplace in today's market. The duo's sound is worthy of a mid 2000's crowd in a one-of-a-kind venue. Come with us to an East London ballroom to witness a blast from the not so distant past.

SAINt JHN is the next big thing in hip-hop. His sound is edgy, dark, and difficult to define, and his grungy vibe is worthy of a setting that reflects his music. Come with us as we hit a secret TriBeCa show for this week's Dream Venue featuring SAINt JHN.  

Daniel Caesar is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after talents in music. His dreamy vocals are reminiscent of Motown-era greats and his energy and vibe are truly worthy of a romantic and simultaneously mysterious setting. Come with us as we explore our Dream Venue with Daniel Caesar.

One of our favorite young artists, Daye Jack is a unique talent worthy of a unique venue. His stylings and vibes place him somewhere between the modern hip-hop scene and the jazzy vibes of a Gatsby-era speakeasy. Come with us as we explore our Dream Venue with Daye Jack.